How to use LYBRA EMS Belt?

LYBRA EMS Smart Abdominal Shaping Belt ——— After Sales Service

💙Once your LYBRA belt arrives, give it a quick once-over to make sure everything looks fantastic. Check if there is  any defects first. Then comes the fun part - trying it out! ✨

💙Once you've given it a quick check and everything's looking tip-top, plug in the main unit and remote using the handy Type-C cable. In about 2 hours, they'll be fully charged and ready to rock your world!

💙Think of those sessions as mini spa trips for your muscles – 2 sets of 15 minutes each, if you have the time. But remember, you're the captain of your own ship here! Start with a lower intensity and gradually adjust it to what feels just right for you.💗

Charging Method

1)Use the Type-C charging cable provided to charge.
2) Charging time is about 2 hours to fully charge.
Note: When charging, the screen will display a red heart. 💗It will disappear after it is fully charged.

How to Use:

  1. Take out the EMS belt and install / latch the main unit on the EMS belt.


Water Spray Icon Images - Free Download on Freepik

Spray some water to prep the skin, the moisture helps conduct the stimulating frequencies from the belt, making your session even more effective. Bonus points: it might even feel a little less tingly!

Now, Ready, set, snug! Just wrap it comfortably around the area you want to pamper, making sure it fits snug but not too tight.
Note: Make sure the belt contact with your skin.

Just wrap it comfortably around the area you want to pamper, making sure it fits snug but not too tight. 



Press the "M" button to turn on/off the device (2 seconds) 
Press"➕" to increase the intensity and the device start running
Press"➖"Decrease the intensity

Open Mode 1 and set the gear to 1.
If you feel that 1 gear is too weak,
you can slowly adjust it up to a level that you can bear.
Remember not to set the gear too high at once.
You need to slowly build up your tolerance.


🩵1 set, 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, it will automatically turn off. You can turn it on again.
🩵There is no time limit for use. However, Dear also remembers to let your body rest. After all, too much of anything is bad. Also remember not to use it when sleeping, menstruating, eating, or bathing.
🩵 After turning off, remove the main unit and belt and place them in a cool and dry place.



Mode Switching:

After turning on, press the "M" key to select the mode, then press the "+" key to increase the intensity and start running.
The default intensity is 0 after the mode is changed.

If you need to heat up, press the "Heat" key after turning on.
The heating function will be activated. There are 3 levels of heating.

Each time you press the heating button, one level will be increased.
Press until the heating display icon goes out, indicating that the heating function is turned off.


When the main unit detects that the massage belt leaves the skin for about 5 seconds, it will automatically turn off.

I look forward to your results! 😍
Remember to come back to me for feedback.
I hope you have a wonderful "slimming" experience!


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